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Signallamp Spotlights Diabetes

Signallamp Spotlight: Diabetes

Signallamp Spotlight: Diabetes Three ways CCM improves outcomes in your diabetes populations Type 2 diabetes is one of the world’s deadliest diseases, but it doesn’t have to be. We know that diabetes responds magnificently to a well-executed maintenance plan, but … Read More

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A cartoon detective next to a file that is labeled "Case Files: A1C Disaster Thwarted"

Signallamp Case Files: A1C Disaster Thwarted

Signallamp Case Files: A1C Disaster Thwarted Nurse case managers show how trust in chronic disease management leads to accountability Every morning, Joan’s A1C mysteriously spiked, and nobody knew why. Not at first anyway. Connie, a Signallamp Health remote nurse, had … Read More

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The Wright Center – New Net Revenue in 14 Days (Case Study)

With each new value-based program, your medical practice must meet new metrics or watch your bottom line shrink. You need better ways to preserve your revenue streams while improving care for patients. Leveraging CMS’ Chronic Care Management codes (CCM) can … Read More

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