Continuity of care, from your facility to their home.

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Chronic Care Management Software

Our chronic care management platform and services allows your practice to scale profitably while continuing to deliver the same high-quality healthcare to your patients in a remote setting. We do it all for you in the Signallamp platform, including: documenting directly in your EHR (according to your workflows), recruiting and training nurses, coordinating interventions with your clinical teams, and even providing billing support.

See for yourself what real growth looks like with Signallamp’s chronic care management solution.

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What Does a Chronic Care Management Platform Include?

Signallamp is a remote care management platform and service that works as an extension of your providers, helping you to harness your physician-patient relationship to increase access to care, improve outcomes and feed longitudinal patient engagement. We can even help you to use devices to remotely monitor your higher risk patients with our remote patient monitoring platform.

What should a chronic care management platform include?

A strong chronic care management solution should always be an integrated part of your existing care teams, documenting directly in your EHR workflows, engaging your patients with deeply personalized care in between office visits. The ideal platform also reduces the burden on your providers and delivers an end-to-end solution for program enrollment, nurse recruitment and training, nurse productivity, IT compatibility, productivity monitoring, and documentation. Signallamp’s platform has all of that and more.

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How Are Our Chronic Care Management Services Different?

Chronic care management (CCM) services should present an all-in-one solution to health systems and primary care groups for managing relationships between doctors and Medicare patients in non-face-to-face settings.

Signallamp Health stands out from all the rest in this regard.

Here’s how:

  • Our nurses are dedicated to the same patient panel and provider every month, which means we don’t use call centers
  • Signallamp nurses document directly in the provider’s EHR (no integration required and no PDF attachments)
  • We follow predetermined clinical workflows, parameters, and protocol provided by the health system and/or provider group’s clinical team
  • The Signallamp model is a fully branded, white-labeled service
  • We only use RNs and/or LPNs (no MAs or “health coaches”)
  • All our nurses are employed directly by Signallamp
  • Signallamp infrastructure can be leveraged to fill clinical resource gaps in other areas, such as transitional care management
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No Call Centers

Our nurses work with the same patient panel every month, forging meaningful relationships with them.

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Working Together

We become a seamless extension of your facility-based care team.

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Driving Increases

You’ll see increases in revenue, quality, and patient experiences.

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Easy Documentation

We document everything in your EMR, taking the burden off your providers.

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Examples of Care Delivered by Signallamp Nurses to Your Patients:

  • MedRecs
  • Depression Screenings
  • Fall Risk Screenings
  • Referral Management
  • Transition of Care
  • Scheduling Office Visits & AWVs
  • Patient Education
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Care Gap Closures

Signallamp Nurses Also:

  • Collect social determinants of health and document these in your EMR
  • Coordinate w/ CBOs like Meals on Wheels for patients who are food insecure
  • Coordinate transportation

Implement a Chronic Care Management Solution at Scale With No
Out-of-Pocket Expense.

Scale Your Health System’s Growth with Our Chronic Care Management Platform and Services

With the Signallamp nurse team working in the background, leveraging the efficiencies of our chronic care management platform and documenting directly in your EHR, we become your remote chronic care management department, enabling you to scale your system’s growth while continuing to deliver for the patients who rely on you for chronic care.

In fact, our platform gives you more time than ever to focus on patient care while we worry about the implementation of your remote chronic care management program.

Take your practice to a new level with Signallamp. Contact us today to schedule your CCM consultation.

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