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Remote Patient
Your Next Step in
Care Management

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What Does a Chronic Care Management Platform Include?

Your Next Step in Care Management

Signallamp’s remote patient monitoring services make it easy for your healthcare practice to monitor health conditions from a distance for your high-risk and rising risk patients. We handle the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on providing the best in-office care to all your patients.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM), or the use of physiologic readings from a device to both monitor and manage a patient’s care remotely, offers providers the ability to know when a patient is trending out of an acceptable range, and to intervene before the patient requires an emergency department visit or inpatient stay.

Remote patient monitoring is also frequently required during transitional care management, in which practices get their patients set up in a different care setting.

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Signallamp Health offers industry-first, end-to-end remote patient monitoring solutions that are proven to deliver RPM at scale, profitably.

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Simple, reliable technology

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Enrollment and consent

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Documentation and compliance

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Personalized treatment and management

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Improved patient outcomes

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More nurses, no added expense

What devices qualify for a remote patient monitoring platform?

Signallamp’s remote patient monitoring platform is compatible with all the medical devices you would expect to need in your practice from day to day.

Those devices include:

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • Digital scales
  • Physical activity monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Spirometers
  • Thermometers

Impact from RPM is not realized by implementing 1-2% of your eligible population, but rather at a scale of 15-20% of your eligible population. That’s the scale Signallamp guarantees and delivers with our remote patient monitoring solutions, helping you to implement a sustainable program that pays for itself.

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The Signallamp Model:
Our Remote Patient Monitoring Services

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Signallamp enrollment specialist calls eligible patients. Co-insurance & clinical benefits are clearly explained. Patients that consent and opt-in are enrolled in the RPM program.
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Signallamp scans the device ID into your EHR to assign to the patient and ships the appropriate monitoring devices.
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Signallamp reaches out to the patient and helps them setup and start using their monitoring device.
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A hub in the patient's home automatically transmits data collected from monitoring devices into your EHR using a secure cellular connection.
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A Signallamp nurse dedicated to your practice provides personalized treatment, management & interventions based on the physiologic data from the monitoring devices and the Provider's plan of care.
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Everything is documented in your EHR according to your workflows. Interaction with your care team is minimal except for when an intervention requires a provider.

See for Yourself How Signallamp’s Remote Patient Monitoring Platform
and Services Can Scale Your Practice

We understand that health systems and large primary care groups working with remote patients can struggle to stay profitable while also providing the same standard of care as those in office. It’s a lot to take on – enrolling patients, logistics, new workflows, clinical capacity, etc. Signallamp’s remote patient monitoring platform and services gives you full access to the team and the technology to make it all happen seamlessly.

Schedule an RPM consultation with Signallamp today to learn more about the benefits of our program!

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