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Signallamp Is Your Chronic Care Management Company

Signallamp Health helps hospitals and health systems Take Care Further™, with remote Chronic Care Management that maximizes patient engagement to improve outcomes, satisfaction, and financial performance.

We have seen time and again that even large enterprise health systems do not have the capacity and infrastructure needed to scale a remote chronic care management program to more than 2-3% of their eligible population. Our clients don’t replace their existing programs with Signallamp; they leverage our platform and personalized nurse care management model to augment existing programs and achieve scale that would not otherwise be possible.

If you’re interested in working with a chronic care management company that is not a call center and only uses dedicated nurses working directly in your physician’s EHR workflows, providing deeply integrated and personalized care to your patients, let us schedule you for a consultation to tell you all about our unique model of care.

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Outsourced Chronic Care Management Services Help You Stay Connected to Your Patients

Patients need support after going home. Yet, healthcare infrastructure is built for when patients are sick and physically present in your office. Signallamp’s care management bridges the gaps in between office visits.

What does a chronic care management company do?

A chronic care management company provides the technology and clinical capacity to medical practices that want to extend their chronic care to non-face-to-face patient visits. Practices can rely on outsourced CCM services to engage patients longitudinally, manage patient conditions and interventions remotely, provide transitional care, and close critical gaps in care.

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Implement a Chronic Care Management Program at Scale With No Out-of-Pocket Expense, from One of the Top CCM Companies

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See How Signallamp’s Outsourced Chronic Care Management Services Have Cracked the Code for Care Management

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Healthcare facilities are adept at caring for patients while they’re sick and physically present in the facility, but they may not be as skilled at managing patients while they’re at home.

Signallamp is a chronic care management company that has cracked the code of both the chronic care and remote patient monitoring platform in a way that will scale your program on day one.

Here’s how:

Dedicated Nurses

Signallamp doesn’t use call centers, ever. Under the Signallamp remote care model, nurses work with the same patient panel and same care team each and every month. We believe in the trusted relationships that your providers have already built with your patients. The only way for us to help you extend that trusted relationship with the patient to the remote care setting is with dedicated nursing capacity, delivering personalized care at scale.

EHR Workflow

Signallamp nurses document directly in your EHR workflow because we know that is the only scalable way for our nurses to collaborate with your care teams efficiently. We follow your EHR workflows rather than forcing new workflows or messy integration on you and your clinical staff. This allows you to record every patient interaction in your EHR and get credit for improvements in your quality metrics from closing gaps in care.

Patient Retention

When your practice is facing regular, modest reimbursements and the need to deliver the same standard of patient care remotely as in the office, you need to rely on long-term patient retention to profitably scale over time. Signallamp’s outsourced CCM services are personalized for patients and customized for providers, delivering a truly integrated solution. Our proven chronic care management platform & services model are retained once they are enrolled, getting more services from within your network, resulting in greater continuity of care.

Finding and Training Nurses

Signallamp quickly scales remote care management programs for our health-system clients. That means we’re always hiring new nurses. To streamline the process, Signallamp handles all the nurse recruitment & hiring, onboarding, and training to find the most appropriate skills and talent for your patients.

IT Connectivity

Robust IT infrastructure is essential to managing nurse productivity, patient outreach and streamlining documentation. Combined with our unique, personalized model of care, we deliver a chronic care management service platform that enables you to sustainably scale your remote chronic care programs.

Patient Enrollment

As a top CCM company, Signallamp requires informed enrollment consent from each patient. Our enrollment team meticulously scripts and documents each enrollment and finishes with an enrollment-confirmation letter to patients.

Productivity at Scale

Supported by the efficiencies of Signallamp’s extensive infrastructure and proven workflows, our team is always working in the background to allow your primary care physicians to focus on providing excellent patient care and scale your productivity as a result.

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