Signallamp Spotlight: Diabetes

Signallamp Spotlight: Diabetes

Three ways CCM improves outcomes in your diabetes populations

Type 2 diabetes is one of the world’s deadliest diseases, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know that diabetes responds magnificently to a well-executed maintenance plan, but compliance is where providers and patients fall short. That’s where Signallamp Health comes in.

Signallamp Nurse Case Managers fill the empty space between diabetes patients’ visits with their internal medicine specialists and primary care providers – the space where patients slip into noncompliance and providers lose touch.

Through relationship building during regular telephone check-ins, we grow trust and accountability and improve outcomes for diabetes patients across the country. Here’s a breakdown of how we do it.

Complement Routine

Patients feel more accountable with a helper. Accountability isn’t about blame or shame. Patients want to be well. 

Signallamp Nurse Case Managers give them a gentle, yet strong incentive to stay on target. We’ve found a routine conversation rooted in compassion does wonders and helps to keep patients on track with the plan they’ve designed with their primary care doctors or internists.

Establish Camaraderie 

Signallamp remote nurses don’t nag. They take the patient’s journey, too, and offer support at every step.

Diabetes patients learn to be honest with their nurses because they trust them as invested partners. That trust leads to the kind of transparency that can’t always flourish during provider check-ups alone. In our experience, we’ve seen incredible discoveries and been part of dramatic transformations. It can be uncomfortable at times. Like when a patient reveals they’ve been snacking on sweets or struggling to pay for insulin. 

But after the discomfort fades, growth happens. Nurse Case Managers can steer their patients toward lasting behavior changes and help find resources to improve access to medicine. It’s not instant, but the results can be profound.

Improve Outcomes

Proper case management directly corresponds with better outcomes and fewer hospitalizations. Don’t just take our word for it. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Chronic Care Management for diabetes patients led to more consistent blood glucose monitoring, stronger patient education, patient empowerment and an improved sense of well being. 

Here’s the kicker – that study was done in 2013 – eight years ago. We’re surprised that so many providers still do not have robust Chronic Care Management programs when outcomes clearly improve and patients live better lives. 

We also understand the challenges that come with starting a new service line. It takes staff and infrastructure, and that all costs money. At Signallamp, that’s all we do, and we seamlessly link up with your electronic health record and medical staff in order to become an extension of your practice or health system.

Learn more about how Signallamp integrates with your health system or private practice.

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