Nurse of the Month: Melissa Jones

Nurse of the Month: Melissa Jones

How did you first learn about Signallamp?

I worked at an Internal Medicine practice for 6 years and at a Nephrology office for 4 years prior. During the pandemic I realized much of the patient care I was providing could be performed remotely, and I found Signallamp on Indeed. Since I enjoyed doing a lot of patient education remotely, I thought this might help me transition into CCM as well. I have really loved the flexibility I’ve had with my schedule since starting with Signallamp.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love my job because of the flexibility it affords me personally, but I also really love it for what it provides for our patients. At Signallamp I have the ability to provide follow-up care to patients that would not otherwise show get care in an office setting. This job lets me do what every nurse dreams of doing – really caring for their patients.

What is the best career lesson you have learned so far?

Never be afraid to advocate for your patient! Go to bat for them. Also, never assume anything. Sure, you can trust your instincts, but if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

Compared with day one, how has Signallamp grown?

There are a lot of big things going on in the company, but I personally love noticing all the little perks along the way. We get birthday cards on our birthdays (plus we get that day off). We got an Amazon gift card for nurse’s week. These little things show how much they care about us and leave a big impression.

If you could select one co-worker to mentor you, who would you pick and why?

Tanya L or Fabiola M.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I enjoy a wide variety of events and experiences. Attending festivals can be a blast, but I also just like spending time with my dogs. You can often find me in my garden or working on my crafts. Sometimes I just like to kick back and enjoy a good book.

What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I played violin and viola! I also have 20/15 vision.

Tell us about the craziest experience you have had with a patient:

A call came in late one Friday afternoon. It was from a patient who had relapsed (drinking) and needed emergent treatment. I had to coordinate with PCP and patient’s family to ensure care was provided.

Share a success story from your time in CCM:

One patient recently called in for a refill but while on the phone I noted that the patient was coughing. After triaging the patient, I determined that she needed an appointment for her cough/respiratory symptoms. The patient was seen and treated for bronchiectasis/URI, and I promptly followed up with her as a complex patient, educating on the side effects of antibiotics/steroids. One of the perks of CCM is being able to follow up with the patient until her symptoms were totally resolved. By providing education and following up I was also able to catch and assist with med clarification for an RX the PCP sent in incorrectly.