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Signallamp Spotlight features interview with Mary

Signallamp Spotlight – Mary Swerdon, RN, BSN

“Working at Signallamp Health has given me the freedom to work from home and take care of my family while enriching the lives of the patients I interact with every day.” – Mary Swerdon, RN, BSN Signallamp Spotlight features interviews … Read More

Signallamp Spotlight features interview with Monique

Signallamp Spotlight – Monique Gale

“I always knew that there was more in the business of healthcare and I wanted to explore that. Here at Signallamp Health, I’m doing that.” – Monique Gale Signallamp Spotlight features interviews with some of our talented and passionate team … Read More

Signallamp Spotlight – Erica Musheno, MA

“It’s always a different challenge or problem to solve, and I feel like that helps me stay interested and eager to learn more.” – Erica Musheno, MA Signallamp Spotlight features interviews with some of our talented and passionate team members. … Read More

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Relationships: The key to better chronic care

Is chronic care a priority? How well is it being managed today and what barriers do organizations face? As health systems increasingly seek to extend care beyond the walls of their facilities, a new survey of hospital and physician practice leaders … Read More

Long-Term Relationships with Your Chronically-Ill Patients

The 2017 Physician Fee Schedule is here and clearly states that CMS wants to increase reimbursements for managing chronically-ill patients. A new avenue for reimbursement is non-face-to-face care, first introduced in 2015 with CPT 99490 and expanding in 2017 to … Read MoreRead More

Falls and The Elderly

According to the CDC, millions of people 65 and older fall yearly at an estimated cost of $31 billion in medical expenses alone per year. As an RN Care Manager, two key goals are to keep the patient at home … Read MoreRead More

February is Heart Month!

According to the CDC, over 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. The most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease, which kills over 350,000 people a year. As an RN Care Manager, … Read MoreRead More

What is Transition of Care?

What is Transition of Care, how does it help my patient, and what are the challenges for providers? Transition of Care (TOC) is a CMS reimbursement intended to help patients as they move from an acute setting back to the … Read MoreRead More