What is Transition of Care?

What is Transition of Care, how does it help my patient, and what are the challenges for providers?
Transition of Care (TOC) is a CMS reimbursement intended to help patients as they move from an acute setting back to the community. The smooth transition back home is essential if we are to help patients maintain their health long term, keep more patients in their home, and reduce unnecessary readmissions.
At discharge, the first step in that transition, patients and their caregivers are eager to get home, and the wealth of information offered is often forgotten, misunderstood, or lost in the rush. To address this quick disconnect from the healthcare system, clinical staff contact the patient by phone within 2 days (a requirement of the reimbursement). The call is an opportunity for the patient to ask questions now that they are comfortably at home and have had time to consider next steps. Caregivers too can learn more about their role in the ongoing care of their loved one.
From the clinical side, medication reconciliation, home health, DME, labs and community resources are essential to follow up on. And lastly, the patient sets up a face-to-face appointment with 7-14 days with the attending physician or their primary care physician (the second part of the reimbursement).
Effective transitions for patients are crucial to delivering good outcomes. With multiple stakeholders – patient, acute facility and follow-up practitioners, delivering effective and coordinated care during the transition is extremely difficult. The fact that TOC usually falls outside normal office workflows greatly magnifies the challenge. Our experienced staff and tested workflows allow patients to get the good follow-up care they need and their providers to care better for their patients during this critical time.

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