How Working From Home Is Different From Working In a Healthcare Facility

Signallamp Spotlight features interview with Eve

How Working From Home Is Different From Working In a Healthcare Facility

At Signallamp Health, remote healthcare assistance is what we do. We help healthcare practices stay connected with their patients in-between office visits using technology-enabled care management, making our model as unique as it is. Our team of nurses work 100% remotely, meaning that we are able to deliver more personal and compassionate care than they may receive in a healthcare facility. 

“Working from home is very different from working in a facility,” says Eve, one of Signallamp’s nurses. “Not seeing people face-to-face as you would in another type of job, it really works for what we’re doing.” It has been shown that caring for patients between scheduled visits dramatically reduces unplanned hospital visits, keeping patients happy and healthy both in and out of the doctor’s office, which is why our business model is so effective. 

One of the biggest perks our nurses enjoy from working for Signallamp is the flexibility of being able to work independently and create your own workspace. “I enjoy working from home because I like to be able to do things on my own and not necessarily need to be micromanaged. We have all the technology we need that’s very important for comfort and ease of use. It’s set up the way I need it to be.”

Another benefit of being a Signallamp nurse is getting to spend more time with loved ones, as many of our nurses have children and other family members to take care of. “It’s really nice to have stability and know that you have holidays off, because then you can make plans and vacations. It’s not expected in a job like this but it’s really nice to have that.” 

So what is Eve’s favorite thing about working for Signallamp? “The best part for me is that I really enjoy what I do and all aspects of it. We have a really good team, and it’s an integral part of your day-to-day to have that support and that’s what keeps you going. That’s why I really like working for this company.”