Amber, RN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse With Signallamp Health: Amber, RN, Pennsylvania

Working Remotely as a Signallamp Nurse

“I have a son, and he’s able to be home if needed and I don’t have to miss work.”

– Amber

While many industries have been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is our model at Signallamp Health. Each nurse spends their day connecting (and re-connecting) with their patients since every nurse builds relationships with the same panel of patients.

Amber, a Registered Nurse from Western Pennsylvania, considers the flexibility of working from home one of her favorite parts of working at Signallamp. “I have a son, and he’s able to be home if needed and I don’t have to miss work,” she shares. This flexibility is especially appealing to our nurses with small children, as they are able to be home for school closings, sick days, and anything else that would normally require a parent to miss work..

Working remotely also presents the opportunity to choose your own workspace, and many of our nurses take pride in the spaces they have created for themselves at home. “It has all of my stuff,” Amber says. “I got a new desk and a chair and I have pictures everywhere.” Amber also appreciates being able to feel comfortable during the workday, saying “It’s enjoyable to sit and look out the window and work.”

Amber feels that she is able to deliver exceptional care to her patients while working from home, sharing “I still am able to build a relationship with my patients, sometimes even more because I can talk to them once a month or more, if needed.” Amber also enjoys having paid holidays off and is able to spend more time with her son, a perk that many other healthcare professionals often don’t get to enjoy. “It’s nice to be able to be off and spend time with family over the holidays and still know that you’re getting a paycheck for it,” she says.

In addition to the extra perks of working for Signallamp, Amber is also thankful for the strong support system she works with each day. “Everybody has been so great,” she shares. “The positive reinforcement is one of the main reasons why I love working here. It’s nice to know that you’re doing a good job and I feel very lucky to have found this opportunity.”

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