Fabiola, RN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Fabiola, RN, Pennsylvania

Hospital-based care is expensive. And except for acute scenarios, from a nurse’s perspective, it’s also a poor way to manage chronic illness.

The incident-based care landscape raises plenty of challenges for English-speaking populations. But the obstacles grow even more intimidating for those who speak English as a second language or not at all.

As part of our bilingual team, Fabiola Mondaca-Soto RN builds bridges over language barriers. She provides meaningful guidance for her patients throughout their Chronic Care Management journey.

“I get to care for my patients from start to finish,” she said. “I get to establish a relationship and keep them as healthy as possible vs. when you’re in a hospital environment, your patient load changes every day.”

Fabiola helps to keep her patients on track in between office visits with their primary care providers or specialists. When working with Spanish-speaking patients, she helps them to understand diagnoses in their native language. She teaches them how to properly recover from procedures and how to adjust to new medicines with clarity that perhaps no other provider has ever offered.

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