Michelle, LPN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse With Signallamp Health: Michelle, LPN, Pennsylvania

The Benefits of Remote Working in the Healthcare Industry

“It has really taught me to challenge myself and push myself, and really be your own advocate as a nurse.”

– Melissa

At SignalLamp Health, remote healthcare assistance is our model. While many healthcare workers have had to transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s business as usual for our team of nurses.

Melissa, one of SignalLamp’s dedicated nurses, enjoys the flexibility of working from home and considers herself to be more productive because of it. “It allows you to still connect with your patients, but in your home environment,” she shares. Melissa prefers to work in her sunroom, which she says makes her workspace more comfortable and allows for natural light to shine through during the day. “I have two dogs, so it allows me to spend time with them while i’m also connecting with patients and doing my job as a nurse.”

Another aspect of her job that Melissa enjoys is the ability to challenger herself both personally and professionally, stating “It has really taught me to challenge myself and push myself, and really be your own advocate as a nurse.” Working entirely remotely isn’t always easy, but Melissa sees it as a way to improve upon her skillset and provide only the best care for her patients. “The team that we have works really well together,” she says. “We have so many different tools to make sure that you are getting support, you do have people to rely on, and you are part of a bigger picture and a team all while being at home.”

In addition to the flexibility and strong support system SignalLamp Health provides, Melissa also enjoys some fun perks that come with the job. “Having holidays off and paid is awesome,” she says. “It’s not something that you come by being in healthcare. A lot of times you’re working a holiday or you’re spending time away from your family, so to have the ability to be home for a holiday, actually spend time with your family and get paid is a win-win.”

At SignalLamp Health, our team of caring and compassionate nurses is what we are most proud of. “SignalLamp Health is a great company,” Melissa says. “You have an awesome support system and an awesome team, and you really do get to make a difference in patients’ lives. You make a difference every day, whether it be big or small.”

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