The Many Benefits of Chronic Care Management

The Many Benefits of Chronic Care Management

When properly executed, a remote care management program can be a win-win.  At its core, patients get better care and providers get a care management infrastructure funded by reimbursements. Additional benefits include:

1. Net new revenues

Each patient actively engaged in CCM can generate over $500 of additional revenue per year when combining direct CCM reimbursement with ancillary revenues from new office visits and other services throughout the year.

2. Loyal patients

Even more significant is the potential long-term value of a loyal patient, which can exceed a million dollars. An effective chronic care management program helps you develop a cadre of loyal patients. But that requires more than getting high marks on a patient satisfaction survey. Loyalty is built on trust that comes from consistently meeting a patient’s care needs, meeting or exceeding their expectations and delivering a positive overall experience. That requires two things:

  • Easily identified entry and delivery points to provide care after an inpatient stay
  • Longitudinal care between office visits to keep patients healthy, longer.

3. Better quality, lower-cost care that meets value-based care reimbursement

The results from an external study show that this approach can reduce utilization and costs. Signallamp Health’s clients have also demonstrated that more patient interactions directly translate into higher MIPS scores and Medicare Advantage HEDIS scores.

4. Happier providers and staff

Providers and in-office staff benefit by being able to focus their care management efforts on their highest-risk patients. They also appreciate that remote nurses are able to improve medication adherence, keep patients on their plan of care, reduce facility- based utilization and address questions before they become inbound calls to the practice. Whether due to the banality of tracking minutes, the need for onerous documentation or the challenge of connecting with patients outside the office, most providers have found they can’t operationalize a remote care management initiative that requires a new staffing model, builds in flexibility for the patient and is both efficient and sustainable. But having a partner whose skilled team of nurses can deliver care remotely and has proven its ability to work with a variety of workflows enables you to foster highly-engaged patients and long-term patient satisfaction.

“With Signallamp, there has been no distracting impact on our workflow, but actually a clear, positive impact on our team-based care delivery.” –Tiffany Jaskulski EHR Manager, The Wright Center for Primary Care

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