See How Much a Remote Job Can Save You With Our Work From Home Calculator

See how much a remote job can save you
See how much a remote job can save you

See How Much a Remote Job Can Save You With Our Work From Home Calculator

When you’re working in healthcare, you’re going to have expenses that are just part of the job. From gas, car repairs, and parking, to FIGS and Dasko, to lunches on the go and afternoon coffee breaks, it costs a lot to work as a nurse. 

Plus, there’s time to consider. What price would you put on spending more time at home with your family, getting the kids off the bus, taking care of a loved one, or avoiding a 2-hour commute?  

To help you see how much you could save by swapping your scrubs for a smartphone, we’ve created this handy work from home (WFH) calculator. Read on to learn more about the benefits of remote jobs and get an idea of how much you’re spending by staying off the hospital floor. 

How Much Does a “Regular Job” Cost Employees?

Whether you work in a café, corporate office, or clinic, there are some occupational expenses that follow employees across every industry. No matter what type of job you have, if you can do it remotely, you’ll save bundles on commuting and other related costs. Some of the most dramatically reduced bills for remote employees include:

  • Gas – The average American spends $150 to $200 a month on gasoline [1]. Sadly, they’re not using it for leisurely Sunday drives, either. Much of it is burnt during the 20 hours (on average) they spend sitting in traffic monthly [2].
  • Car maintenance, insurance, and parking – While gas can get costly, it only represents a fraction of the money car owners drop on their commuting costs. The average American spends $8,466 going to and from their job annually—every penny of which can be saved if they didn’t have to travel for work [2].
  • Food and beverages – It’s possible to pack a lunch and brew your own coffees, but the demanding nature of nursing jobs can make it particularly hard to sneak off and get a bite. One survey found that American workers spend over $6,000 annually buying food on the job, but in pricey hospital cafeterias, this figure could be even higher [3].

Likewise, while everyone has to wear some sort of clothing to work, nurses don’t have much choice in the type of outfit they sport. Thus, there’s one more expense that’s specific to the trade:

  • Scrubs – Medical scrubs are a $10 billion-a-year industry in the United States and, more often than not, nurses are expected to pay for them out of pocket [4]. Alternatively, your own clothes are far more comfortable, and you probably already have everything you need in your closet already.

How Much Can You Save By Working a Remote Nursing Job?

To help nurses budget better and see if a WFH lifestyle is right for them, we’ve calculated some average costs for common occupational expenses. To see how much you can save by working from home, head to our WFH calculator and simply input your:

  • Mileage or time spent driving – Depending on how far you drive (or how long you sit in traffic), you could save almost $1,700 a month by telecommuting instead. Simply adjust the slider to your average mileage to get a quick estimate of your potential savings.
  • Amount of scrubs owned – Dressing for nursing positions isn’t cheap. However, when patients only see you from the shoulders up and don’t risk giving you germs, expensive scrubs aren’t necessary. Pick how many pairs you go through annually to see how much your work attire is costing you.
  • Food and drink habits – Groceries aren’t free, but they aren’t nearly as costly as fast food, restaurant lunches, and café coffees. Simply select how often you buy refreshments to see the real price you’re paying for those afternoon bites and pick-me-ups. 

Add up all these totals to figure out just how much you’re spending to stay at your current clinic or placement. And, if the figure gives you a severe case of sticker shock, the only cure may be finding a suitable WFH role.

Work Remotely With Signallamp Health to Earn and Keep a Satisfying Salary

If you find that working from home suits your lifestyle and saving goals, Signallamp Health can help you find a remote position to fit your skills and desires. Apply with Signallamp Health and put your nursing skills to work in a rewarding remote role that allows you to bank more and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


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