Jen Nicastro, BSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

Signallamp Health - Jen Nicastro, BSN, RN

With a foundation in healthcare and a passion for patient well-being, I am a dedicated nursing professional with a BSN from the University of Scranton and a minor in Leadership/Coaching. My journey began as a student nurse, where I embraced hands-on tasks as a nurse’s aide, fostering the confidence and skills pivotal to my nursing career.

Embarking on my professional path, I immersed myself in hospital environments, adeptly managing diverse patients afflicted by chronic conditions. My experience spanned multiple hospital departments, from medical surgical units to the intensive care and telemetry wards. However, it was when I transitioned to home healthcare that I found my true calling. Witnessing the transformative impact of delivering care within the sanctity of patients’ homes was profoundly rewarding.

Within this domain, I climbed the ranks, assuming the role of RN Assistant Clinical Supervisor. My focus pivoted to quality assurance, meticulous documentation, and the intricacies of ICD coding. As I reflect on my journey, I recognize that every step was a deliberate preparation for my current role: Chief Nursing Officer at Signallamp Health.

Why SLH?

Signallamp Health’s path in my life felt serendipitous. Introduced to the company while contemplating a relocation for my husband’s job, I engaged with the CEO and CFO in 2015. In that pivotal meeting, I realized that uprooting our lives wasn’t necessary. The allure of Signallamp lay in its commitment to patients’ well-being, mirroring my belief that comprehensive care extends beyond medical facilities.

What resonated deeply with me was the opportunity to address the critical gap in post-hospitalization support. Recognizing that health literacy is often a barrier, I saw how Signallamp Health could serve as a bridge between patients and their comprehensive care plans. By providing tailored resources and acting as patient advocates, we guide patients through the precarious transition from hospital to home, significantly curbing rehospitalizations and ER utilization.

What do you do in your free time?

While my professional endeavors are substantial, my personal life is equally fulfilling. Balancing my role as a Chief Nursing Officer with the joys of motherhood, I revel in the vibrant spirit of my sassy toddler daughter and the boundless energy of my son, who is engrossed in various baseball and football teams. Beyond these cherished responsibilities, you’ll often find me seeking solace in my creative pursuits. I’ve got this trusty sidekick, my Cricut machine, that really brings out my artistic flair. And let’s not forget my culinary adventures – there’s something incredibly satisfying about conjuring up new dishes.

Yet, self-care remains paramount. Devoting at least 30 minutes each day to exercise or meditation recharges me, ensuring I’m equipped to navigate the demands of both my professional and personal roles.