How Studio BE Transforms Nurse Health and Wellness

Signallamp + Studio BE

How Studio BE Transforms Nurse Health and Wellness

Nurses provide high-quality care to their patients daily. However, if they fail to care for themselves in the same capacity, they become at risk of burnout, fatigue and frustration.1

At Signallamp, we value the health and wellness of our nurses. Within our benefits package, nurses can access studio BE, an online catalog of meditations and wellness programs designed to meet holistic well-being in a virtual setting. 

Below, we’ll highlight some of our nurses’ experiences with studio BE and how participating in these wellness sessions have contributed to their well-being.

Learning Helpful Self-Care Techniques – Keri

For Keri, studio BE’s benefits make working at Signallamp enjoyable. The studio’s instructors guide her through breathing exercises, and she has found it helpful to take relaxing breaks to breathe and rejuvenate throughout the day.

In addition to guided breathing techniques, studio BE offers mindfulness exercises, such as Zumba, yoga and meditation, which Keri feels help her relax her mind — even for short breaks. During these 15-minute classes, Keri finds that she can de-stress, enjoy herself and focus better on her nursing responsibilities throughout the day.

Keri also enjoys attending studio BE’s classes because she learns techniques that she can apply outside of her workday, helping her to decompress whenever she feels stressed.

Flexible Mindfulness Sessions – Glenny

As a nurse, Glenny has become more aware of the need to be healthy. For her, realizing that her mental health state contributes to her physical health and overall well-being meant that she needed to find regimens she finds comfortable.

While searching for meditation, yoga or physical activity resources on YouTube or other online apps, Glenny was discouraged that she had to pay subscription fees to access the workout plans. 

Fortunately, Signallamp provides access to studioBE for its nurses to support their mental health. In Glenny’s words, “working at Signallamp is not just about clocking in or out.”

Glenny’s Studio BE workout plans fit into her schedule: She can attend the instructor-led Zoom sessions at her convenience — in the morning before the workday or later in the evening following a shift — to give herself a much-needed mental health break. 

Her favorite classes are the meditation classes — the instructors’ soothing voices and insights into stillness make Glenny feel calm and help her achieve a 15-minute meditative state. 

A Great Start to the Workday – Justine

Justine, a Nurse Care Manager at Signallamp, has transformed her work experience with Studio BE. 

According to Justine, her instructors are positive and energetic, helping her shift her mood within minutes to help ease the stress after a busy day — at a time that works best for her unique schedule and needs. 

But they’re a part of Justine’s day-to-day life, too. Instructors join Signallamp’s weekly meetings to help each team collect their thoughts, prepare for the day and feel more confident and at ease — an aspect that Justine adores.  

The Importance of Nurse Well-being

There’s a connection between nurses’ mental health and the care they provide to their patients. In other words, poor mental health and exhaustion can diminish the care that patients receive and negatively impact nurses’ well-being — and our nurses can attest to this. 

Nurses often experience burnout, compassion fatigue, unaddressed depressive tendencies and declining physical health as a result of high-stress routines, tasks and responsibilities. 

Whether nurses work in-person or remotely, workplace mindfulness programs are essential to providing nurses with the support they need while caring for patients.2

Health and Wellness at Signallamp

At Signallamp, we believe that it’s important that nurse networks provide their team with the resources they need to ease everyday stress, improve focus and release negative emotions. 

Our health and wellness partner, studio BE, believes in the transformative nature of mindfulness, too. By incorporating mindfulness routines into our day-to-day, we can reduce our stress levels, improve our resilience and enhance our relationships.

For nurses providing remote patient monitoring (RPM), remaining holistically healthy is critical to providing the best possible care for patients and meeting their medical needs. At Signallamp, we ensure that our nurses receive comprehensive benefits packages to help them access wellness care tailored to their individual needs. 

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