Signallamp Health Webinar Questions and Answers

The attendees of the MEDENT-Signallamp Health webinar, Making the Most of Chronic Care Management, held on December 12th, asked a number of excellent questions about Signallamp Health’s care management program and its partnership with MEDENT. Many of these questions and our responses are shared below. For additional information, see our contact information at the end of this blog. And look for more details about our follow-up webinar in the first quarter of 2020.

Q: Why did MEDENT select Signallamp Health from among the other chronic care management vendors out there?

MEDENT liked the fact that Signallamp didn’t rely on a device, app or disconnected call center.  Instead, Signallamp’s model is led by nurses who work with the practice’s care team and extend the provider’s reach to patients between office visits by providing a personalized patient experience. Unlike many programs, Signallamp works within your MEDENT EHR/EMR, and doesn’t require physicians to use a separate technology platform or rely on a non-clinical call center to support patients.

Q: Do patients value the service from Signallamp?

When we surveyed our patients, we found that over 90 percent value and plan to continue their relationship with their nurse. They were also more likely to feel loyal to their physician,  comply with taking medications and follow their care plan. Because about half of our calls are incoming calls, it’s clear that patients value the support they get from our nurses.

Q: How do physicians feel about the Signallamp care management program?

Providers have also been extremely happy with Signallamp’s program, which acts as an extension of their care team and gives more touchpoints to their patients between office visits. They also appreciate that Signallamp works seamlessly within MEDENT EHR/EMR, complements their existing workflows, and customizes the program to suit their needs and preferences. The program brings new revenues to the practice without upfront costs. 

Q: How long does it take to launch the Signallamp program?

Implementing this program takes only a few hours of your time, made easier because of Signallamp’s familiarity and experience working within Medent. After signing a four-page service agreement, we lay out the steps to coordinate with Medent and introduce the practice to Signallamp’s nursing and administrative teams. We will work with your practice administrator and/or providers to understand your preferences and priorities and become an extension of your practice.  

Q: What are examples of what your nurses cover on patient calls?

On our first call, we usually start with medication reconciliation, which is a good ice breaker. This an opportunity for the nurse to assess the patient’s healthcare literacy as well as provide immediate clinical value to the practice. For ongoing calls, whether inbound or outbound, we will review the MEDENT EHR/EMR and support the provider’s plan of care. If the patient has immediate needs or concerns, the nurse will focus the discussion there. 

Between office visits, it is common for patients to experience an exacerbation of their condition(s), have a lingering clinical question, or need support in accessing DME. We make sure the patient is getting needed follow-up care, taking medications as prescribed, and participating in any public benefits programs that may help them. We may interact with the caregiver to keep them posted or assist with scheduling and transportation to upcoming appointments. For behavioral health patients, the nurses will conduct regular assessments and coordinate with external providers as needed. 

Q: How do you address any costs to patients?

While not every patient will have a copay, our approach is to overcommunicate throughout the program. Patient participation is always voluntary, and each patient is advised of the program’s scope, goals, and potential cost on multiple occasions. Signallamp provides brochures that are branded from the practice, and contacts each patient to explain the program in detail and enroll the patient in the program. Once the patient agrees to enroll, Signallamp sends a welcome letter via U.S. mail, which repeats the aims, goals and potential cost of the program. As a further level of planning and prior to the start of the enrollment process, we’ll identify your participating health plans and focus on enrolling those patients that your providers believe will benefit from the additional clinical support. 

Q: What if we already have a part-time RN managing CCM?

We love working with practices that already understand the value of CCM. If you have existing staff, we can work alongside them to enable you to scale your program and serve two to four times as many patients. Some providers like to have their existing staff focus on the highest risk patients, such as those who need transitional care, and ask us to serve the others. We’re happy to review your existing program to determine what would best suit your needs.

Q: If there is no upfront cost, how is Signallamp compensated?

Signallamp is only compensated on the revenue our services generate for your practice. Our in-house billing team supports your billing process, and you’ll have complete visibility into the timing of all claims and reimbursements. We invoice you well after you have been paid. Practices can count on receiving net new revenues every month.

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If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact John Taylor, VP of Client Success, at or 610-910-4750.  

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