Kathleen, RN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Kathleen, RN, Pennsylvania

Signallamp Health strips away the busyness of the clinical setting. It’s just a nurse case manager and their patient, one-to-one, in a place where real care can happen. 

“I see that patients have questions and concerns,” Kathleen Domonkos RN said. “Things that may not come up right away when they are in that acute-care setting, at an office visit or post-discharge from a procedure.”

Through focused, consistent communication, Signallamp adds value to the private practice or health system by providing compassionate chronic care management between office visits. 

“It’s not just that one call, they can reach out to me when they need,” Kathy said. “I’m able to connect with my patients on a one-to-one basis.”

Kathy might work at home, but she’s never alone. Signallamp’s strong network of remote chronic care nurses and administrators make it easy to stay in touch with support staff and peers who can help or offer guidance. 

After all, quality care doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The best care comes from a collaborative environment, where providers can share knowledge and lift one another up.

“I am so grateful and happy for my position at Signallamp,” Kathy said.

Interested in becoming a remote nurse at Signallamp Health? Click here to apply.

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