Kaley, RN, Minnesota

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Kaley, RN, Minnesota

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Kaley, RN, Minnesota

Nobody likes winter commuting, especially in the Midwest. Kaley Smith RN on the other hand, has no problem getting work even in the most vicious snow storm.

“The commute is great. I live in rural Minnesota, and so the winters are terrible,” she said. “I literally just walk downstairs into my office and I’m at work.”

Signallamp Health brings telework to a field that for centuries demanded face-to-face contact. We provide best-in-class care to chronically ill patients between office visits through secure phone calls. Our nurse case managers ensure medication compliance, symptom management and, perhaps most important, regular human interaction that naturally builds trust and honesty between patient and provider.

As a remote nurse, Kaley has the freedom to treat her patients’ specific needs, as she sees fit, based on a deep understanding of their conditions, but she also has the support of Signallamp’s vast network in case she hits a snag.

“It provides you more independence, so you are able to use your nursing skills and kind of think of things yourself, but there’s always somebody there if you need to reach out to somebody (for help),” she said. 

Kaley, a single mom with three kids at home, can stay present for her family, too, which might be impossible in a clinical setting. 

“This company is great because they understand that all of the nurses here are moms or dads or grandmas or grandpas,” she said. “My kids are able to get a hold of me if they need anything.”

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