Gabby, RN, Pennsylvania

Gabby, RN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse With Signallamp Health: Gabby, RN, Pennsylvania

Why Remote Healthcare Assistance Works

“I’m able to give more personalized care to my patients from home, and the patients really appreciate that.”

– Gabby

At Signallamp Health, we know how important it is for patients to be able to connect with their healthcare provider whenever they need them, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Our team of incredible nurses work entirely remotely, while going above and beyond to ensure that their patients are receiving the care and attention they need.

“I have a lot of autonomy to be able to care for my patients, which is nice,” says Gabby, one of Signallamp’s nurses. “I can take my time with each patient, one call and one patient at a time. I can answer all of their questions.” Gabby also feels that working from home allows her to connect on a deeper personal level with her patients, sharing “I’m able to give more personalized care to my patients from home, and the patients really appreciate that.”

Another benefit of working remotely that Gabby enjoys is being able to work in a space that is comfortable and unique to her. “I like the flexibility that it allows me,” she says. “My work setting is very comfortable. I really like that I can have the heat on or the air on however I want it. I like that I can have my coffee at my desk!” Gabby also appreciates having paid holidays off, saying “I love having extra time off during the holidays. We get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It’s nice that it’s worked into your time off and that we get paid for it!”

Aside from all of the fun perks that come with working at Signallamp, the great culture and support system is what Gabby cherishes most. “I believe the best part of Signallamp Health is the people,” she says. “The nurses and the staff that make up Signallamp, as well as the administration. Everyone is just a phone call away, and email away, a message away. Everyone has the same goal. Take care of your patient, give them the best care possible. Everyone’s on board with that and it’s very refreshing. I like that a lot about Signallamp, because that’s what it’s all about- the patients.”