The Bottom Line About Care Management

The Bottom Line About Care Management

To survive—and thrive—health systems must become proficient at managing chronic care outside the facility setting and across the care continuum.  Success requires moving from facility-based delivery models to a remote care model that engages patients on their own terms and over time.  

However, transforming care delivery  and scaling care management is surprisingly challenging.    Hiring and training. Management time.  New technology. Practice workflows.  Limited budgets.  Think about the kinds of headwinds a new program will face if it requires technology integration and infringes on existing practice workflows.  And CMS has not made it easy to build using their non-face-to-face care management codes by raising the bar on compliance and offering a low reimbursement.  

Launching a remote care management program with an experienced partner is an effective way to kick-start the transformation.  Experience that informs what is possible today rather than what is potential tomorrow.  That practice workflows are sacrosanct, hiring nurses locally is both expensive and challenging, that budgets for something new are not accessible.  

In the short term, you have patients engaged in between office visits which provides higher-quality, more coordinated patient care and delivers previously untapped FFS revenues. In the longer term, you will build a loyal following of patients that drives long-term revenue streams. As you gain experience in delivering coordinated, longitudinal care that keeps patients healthier and happier, you’ll also build skills that help you manage risk-based contracts.

Forward-thinking health systems can leverage Signallamp’s rich experience to keep both their patients and bottom lines healthier under any type of reimbursement approach. With a small investment of time and no incremental costs, your practice or health system can be one of them. 

Why Signallamp Health?

Signallamp Health provides an unparalleled remote healthcare experience, with over 30,000 enrolled patients and 2,000 participating physicians at more than 150 practices. With Signallamp Health, you get more nurses with no added costs, better health and med management, fewer readmissions and ED visits, more revenue, and greater productivity.

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