Jennifer, RN, New York

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Jennifer, RN, New York

Signallamp nurse case managers know that you don’t have to sacrifice a real, human connection between provider and patient just because you only interact on the phone.

Our nurses create caring relationships with their patients through regular check-ins by phone and provide a critical bridge between in-person visits at the doctors office.

“You’re still able to provide the care to patients one-on-one even more so from home than you are in an outside setting,” Jennifer Newcomb RN said. “Patients really enjoy that they can call a number and they know that it’s a direct line to not only a nurse, but someone who really cares.”

Through innovation, we’ve discovered that excellent care can happen through honest conversations and trust that builds over time as we seamlessly integrate with doctors offices and health systems.

Our remote nurses can do this from their own homes, which gives them the benefit of comfort and a personalized environment where they can focus more intently on delivering best-in-class care.

“I have a nice big desk, a comfortable chair,” Jen said. “I surround myself with pictures of my family, and just things that make me happy and make a really good work environment.”
Interested in becoming a remote nurse at Signallamp Health? Click here to apply.

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