Eve, RN, Pennsylvania

Being a Nurse With Signallamp Health: Eve, RN, Pennsylvania

Nurse-Driven Remote Care: The Signallamp Difference

Signallamp was founded to help healthcare practices and providers stay connected with their patients in-between office visits. Using the strength of our technology platform, we empower nurses to provide remote care to chronically ill patients. Data shows that caring for patients between scheduled visits reduces unplanned hospital stays and keeps patients happy and healthy both in and out of the doctor’s office.

At Signallamp Health, our team of caring and compassionate nurses is what we value most. Our nurses are dedicated to delivering only the best possible care to their patients. Because our nurses call the same patients every month, each has a unique opportunity to engage with patients on a more personal, human level. Though she is not right next to her patients, Amber, an RN care manager says, “I still am able to build a relationship with my patients. I don’t have a time limit on the time that I talk to them, so if they need me or have more questions, I can build a relationship on a more personal level.”

Nurses are drawn to the field to provide quality care to their patients. As a bonus, our team of nurses say they appreciate all of the perks working for Signallamp has to offer. “There are different things that I do to make my environment comfortable,” says Eve, an RN care manager. “I take breaks when I need to or take a walk. Over time I’ve developed different things to make my environment more comfortable and more efficient.” Our nurses also feel that working from home allows them the peace and quiet they need in order to speak to patients without interruption. “I enjoy having a quiet setting so I’m able to discuss topics that may be on the serious level with patients with no interruptions or any kind of questions from any other staff,” says Emily, who is a remote nurse for a Urology practice.

Signallamp nurses also emphasize that they enjoy being able to spend more time with loved ones. At Signallamp, our nurses enjoy paid holidays off (including Black Friday and Christmas Eve Day), meaning more important time with friends and family and a healthy work-life balance. “I love taking care of patients, but I also love my family,” says Ashley, an RN care manager. “With Signallamp Health, I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my home life or my career.”