Stephanie, LPN, New Jersey

Being a Nurse with Signallamp Health: Stephanie, LPN, New Jersey

Signallamp Health nurse case managers overwhelmingly say they provide better care because they connect with their patients at a distance. Part of that comes from developing trusting relationships.

But telemedicine has another effect on how our nurses deliver care. Stephanie Smith LPN, who only ever worked in a clinical setting before joining the Signallamp team, explains it best. 

“I actually find that you use your critical thinking skills a lot more with this type of nursing than I did with hands-on nursing,” she said. “You don’t have your eyes to assess these patients, so you’re using your critical skills of listening to them to determine what their needs are.” 

Our remote nurses are based at home, and live all around the country. Through regular check-ins, they bridge the gap between office visits, and help primary care providers manage chronic disease to keep their patients living their best lives – and out of the hospital.

“I have always worked hands-on. I never knew what it was like to do this kind of nursing, and it’s actually really rewarding,” Stephanie said.

Interested in becoming a remote nurse at Signallamp Health? Click here to apply.

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